If you’re here, you probably already know about the Employee Retention Tax Credit refund. You already know the ERC refund is part of the CARES Act. You know about the somewhat- confusing, two-part test for determining eligibility. And that if your business qualifies, it could receive one or more checks from the IRS.

As much as $26,000 per eligible full time, W2 employee for companies with up to 100 employees; and $21,000 per full time, W2 employee if your company had between 100 to 499 employees during the qualifying quarters or 2020 or 2021.

10 employees = a maximum possible credit of $260,000

100 employees = a maximum possible credit of $2,100,000

499 employees = a maximum possible credit of $10,500,000

The business owners and their professional advisors who are referred to our firm already know all of this. Because it was probably your C.P.A., your business attorney, or one of your other business advisors who told you about Carrier Robins in the first place.

You Have Found the Factory. We are the back-office team that has researched, calculated, analyzed, evaluated, interviewed, and rechecked everything for thousands of business owners, their C.P.A.’s business attorneys and professional advisors. We have had to deliver the “bad news” to countless business owners across this country and in every industry imaginable when it is our professional opinion that claiming the ERC refund would be inappropriate or unadvisable.

We’ve also advised, provided a much needed second opinion, asked the right questions and found a way to help more than SEVEN THOUSAND (7,000) businesses to get their full ERC refund, the right way.

The Carrier Robins firm is owned and operated by two lawyers, David Carrier and RJon Robins whose work together dates to 2007. And we employ lawyers to research, analyze, evaluate, and interview our clients. Because we believe that a lawyer’s training relating to research, analysis, the marshalling of facts, attention to detail, persistence, expressing themselves in writing, applying general tax concepts and documenting your file for your protection far-exceeds the abilities of most other unregulated tax professionals. But this isn’t a law firm. And the services we provide do not constitute the practice of law. We are a business advisory firm with deep experience securing prosperity for thousands of small business owners through thoughtful tax strategies, creative asset protection, innovative financial & estate planning, and other valuable and unique business advisory services that do not constitute the practice of law.

We are the “back office” you don’t usually get to see behind many lawyers, accountants, and consultants.

Our SECOND PRIORITY is to maximize the refund your company can get from the IRS under the Employee Retention Tax Credit program.

Our FIRST PRIORITY is to prevent you from making a mistake by filing an inappropriate or unsupported claim that could come back and haunt your company for years to come.

With that being said if there’s a way for your company to qualify, our team will find it. Often when no-one else can. We’re the place lawyers, accountants, and other consultants go to for a “second opinion”. And we’re pretty good at finding ways to maximize claims that have been severely undervalued by others. But not by risking your future. It’s not magic. We do what we do, by doing do the sort of hard work that has always been necessary to accomplish great things; but which seems to have fallen out of fashion in today’s world.

So no, we don’t have a fancy spokesperson or a flashy website. We don’t do any outbound marketing at all. And you’ll never get one of those idiotic unsolicited telephone calls from our firm with some moron calling you who knows nothing about you or your business or your tax situation but who is “sure we can help you get millions from this brand-new program called ERC”.

We only take on new engagements by referral; and we only created this website after some of the CPA’s, lawyers and business consultants who refer business to us asked us to create a resource for their clients to go to, so here it is. We hope you like it.


If you have questions about the status of your current ERC application, please reach out to us by email support@carrier-robins.com or by phone at 877-252-5256.